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Dear Susan,


We just got Mocha's portrait today and when I opened it my jaw just dropped. It's like you captured her very soul in that painting. The detail around the face and the fine hairs are simply amazing. It is more beautiful than I ever imagined and we will treasure it forever!
Don't know where we will hang her, but it'll be somewhere prominent! I don't know how to thank you for this, it's so much more than just a painting. We will always remember Mocha this way - dignified, soulful and in the fields she loved best. Even the background and foreground grasses are spectacularly done! What a gift you have.



Dear Susan

Just wanted to let you know that my son Tony was absolutely thrilled with Lola’s portrait!!!  He couldn’t stop admiring it and actually took a couple of other pictures off the living room wall right away to hang Lola’s in a place of honour.  His words to me were, “It’s awesome!” You could tell how much it meant to him. Everyone at the BD party really loved the portrait too – you’re famous! Also shared your website address so all could admire dear Lola on-line – guess she’s famous now too!
Thanks so much once again for making such a big difference in our lives with this lovely keepsake.


Good Morning Susan:

Again, thank you for Duchess's painting, it is amazing. You truly captured her look. I was so excited. The background and everything is just perfect. Thanks again .  






I'm delighted that one of your beautiful paintings will commemorate the blessing Juniper has been in my life.






I just received your painting I LOVE IT!!!!!!!  You did an amazing job!  WOW! Thank you Thank you so much!!!! 




Hi Susan,
It was amazing... the best Christmas ever to give a gift as special as Buddy. Mark was very shocked to say the least and the portrait made it a special Christmas to all of us at home who got to experience Mark seeing his Buddy, which, to me, looks so real. You do amazing work and your special gift is something that all of us appreciate and are thankful for as well. I am so happy that Mark emailed you because he usually wouldn't do something like that so you must have touched his heart big time. He loved it...

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