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Isabella is affectionately known as Izzy

Fisher  is a west coast dog who loves to be out on the boat or at the beach


The love of a young lady's life.

Sheila is a well known beauty in her small town.


This lovely fellow lives in Tasmania!

Britt was a patient elder to a new puppy Daisy

Bella loved balls, sticks and anything involving the water.

Murphy and Bodger are an energetic young pair. 

Lola was a rare white boxer who loved to hike any trail that led to a beach

Weimaraners are such characters.

Sadie loves her sticks.

Luna is a true west coast dog and happiest at the beach

Bruiser was a constant companion of his young man for fourteen years.


A very handsome and willing adventure partner named Hans.

Duchess was a regal guardian of her mistress.

Buddy's portrait was a surprise gift from sister to brother

Duke and Tar were loyal hunting dogs

Cooper and Sadie were lifelong litter mates.

This kitty adorns the office of a social worker to make the room more welcoming


How confusing to see yourself on the wall.

This happy border collie was at a community event. I couldn't resist painting his portrait.

Sherriff was so named for a white star on his lower chest

Sparky was a surprise gift that made his grown man cry !

Bailey, despite her size, always wanted to be in your lap.


Teddy is the biggest flirt and town ambassador.


Dakota loves to swim in the local river.

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